• Now You Can Demand that Third Party Firms Prove that Their Information Systems are Both Secure and Private

Corporate Directors’ & Officers’ Legal Duties for Information Security and Privacy: A Turn-Key Compliance Audit Process, by Charles Cresson Wood

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Introducing the Duties Audit™ compliance auditing process: the way to gain confidence that the Directors & Officers at a particular corporation are attending to all their legal duties, in the information security and privacy area, in a manner that is, in all material respects, in compliance with laws and regulations.

WELL-KNOWN AUTHOR: Charles Cresson Wood is best known for his book entitled Information Security Policies Made Easy, which provides already-written policies, and which is now in its 12th edition (used by 70% of Fortune 500 Companies). Also relevant to the book described on this web site, is Charles’ book entitled Information Security Roles & Responsibilities Made Easy, which contains already-written job descriptions, mission statements, committee charters, and the like, and which is now in its second edition. Over his 40+ years of work in this field, Charles has published over 375 articles in the information security and privacy area.

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