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Expeditiously determine whether another organization is demonstrably trustworthy by examining the corporate governance mechanisms that they employ in the information security and privacy area. Many of the large scandals that have recently rocked the business world -- such as the FTX debacle and the Madoff Ponzi scheme -- could have been readily identified and avoided, if the Duties Audit(TM) process described on this web site had been used.


Corporate Directors’ & Officers’ Legal Duties for Information Security and Privacy: A Turn-Key Compliance Audit Process, by Charles Cresson Wood



An extensively researched and tightly scripted process allowing any licensed attorney to quickly generate a Professional Opinion, indicating whether the Directors & Officers at any United States corporation are in full compliance, in all material respects, with their legal duties in the information security and privacy area. 

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  • Edition: this is the first edition; all rights reserved, copyright © 2020
  • Format: sold only as a hardcover book set of two volumes (no electronic version is available)
  • Size: book contains approximately 1,100 pages, including 85 exhibits, tables, flowcharts and graphs (specific sections are written for seven specific reader roles like "project manager;" no reader -- no matter what his/her role -- needs to read a significant part of the entire two-volume set)
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  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9799914-5-5 (volume 1); ISBN-13: 978-0-9799914-6-2 (volume 2)
  • Library of Congress Control Number: LCCN-2020901127
  • Publisher: InfoSecurity Infrastructure, Inc., 916 Bergeson Rd. SW, Lakebay, WA 98349 USA
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